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No matter what condition your project is in, Junk in the Truck gives our Commercial & Residential customer a complete blank slate for their property. Fair pricing and quick service are just few of many reasons why our interior demolition and clean-out services are so popular. We are fully licensed and insured, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Get the job done quicker with our highly reviewed services!


Some of our services, but not limited to are…

Construction Clean-Out

We help keep your worksite clean and moving smoothly with our construction clean out services. Building Inspectors love to see organized, clean job sites! Get from one phase of construction to the next in a Snap! Standard Cleanouts include, after framing, after mechanical, after drywall and the final!

Interior Demolition

We can demo any room of the house/property for you! Whether you are redoing your kitchen, your bath, ceiling or walls - we can demo it all for you.

Full Home Gutting

We will completely gut your property down to nothing but the supporting walls and subfloors by removing all finishes, partition walls, ceilings, floor coverings, and mechanicals. Down to the very last nail so you’re left with a blank slate!

For Trade Professionals

Focus on doing what you're good at and let us do your haul aways! Servicing roofers, masonry contractors, plumbers, HVAC, drywallers, and all other trade professional!

Tenant Clean-Out

Tenant always leaving a ton of furniture and trash for you to clean and make way for a new tenant? We will have it all cleared out for you with our quick cleanout service!

Hoarder Cleanout and Junk Removal

Stuck dealing with a hoarder house and just have a bunch of junk around your property? We have competitive pricing on a per-load basis and quick service turnaround

Brick Exposures

Junk in the Truck does brix exposure services to make your property standout from the rest! Our service includes exposure, cleaning, sealing, and finishing!

Masonry Services

Whether you need brick-work, block-work, pointing, repair, sidewalks, or other types of masonry services, we can help!

Other Services

Looking for a service not listed here? Simply give us a ring and we'll let you know if we can do it and provide you with a free quote.


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